Wednesday, January 13, 2010

work in progress

this piece is one that i am currently working on -- tentatively entitled "fin"--i'll post a more comprehensive pic as more is done --


Carved wooden beads, hemp cord, handmade paper


Rives BFK, carpet warp, hemp cord, handmade paper, wood beads, brads --

Shrine to the She Devil

Handmade paper, joshua tree seeds, jute, carpet warp, glass , iron finial

Kwele - Teller of Fortunes

handmade paper, wood beads, jute, carpet warp, horse hair, iron , fortunes -- based on the Kwele peoples belief that the mask represents protective forest spirits


iron amature, carpet warp, wood beads

Suspended Memories

Rives BFK, reed, handmade paper, hemp cord, wool roving, carpet warp

hi -- i've been working hard on my art and haven't had a chance to update my blog -- so here it goes -- the following piece is entitled "Devil's Backbone" -- made from Rives BFK,wool roving,reed, handmade paper,and brads --