Thursday, October 18, 2012

time passages

time passages is composed of dried orange rind, metal, metal beads, wire, chinese amber, sterling silver, turquoise, glass bead , and carved jade bead -- it is the slow movement of our lives -- time passing in the inevitable forward movement that slowly and minutely changes all things and still allows them to remain with us -- for everything that changes, everything stays the same


it is a recepticle for those things that we find precious in our lives - a protective housing built to show the respect we hold for the housed object - it is a place of safety both in our hearts as well as in our minds -- crafted from ceramic, hardware cloth, bamboo, carpet warp, metal, lead weights, metal beads, bone, and onyx

ministering spirit

the ministering spirirt is that which provides us with comfort and hope - the protector of our belief system -- it is the one to whom we rely on to support us in our time of need and to show us that we are not alone -- composed of handmade paper, metal, wire, chinese amber, metal bead, wood bead, and horsehair

beside the point

i crafted this piece from wood, metal, handmade paper, cotton cord, and glass -- it is that explanation point that exists in all our lives that at times we stress -- it is "beside the point"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


gemini is composed of bamboo,metal,wire,sterling silver and horsehair -- it represents the bond between twins -- that connection that allows them to act as empaths -- conneceted by emotion and understanding as well as image

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

buda fine arts and jazz festival

the buda fine arts and jazz festival is this weekend october 20 - 21st in historic downtown buda, texas -- the hours are 10 -5 both saturday and sunday -- i am pleased to be there again this year with many other fine artists -- please plan to attend as it not only has wonderful art to enjoy but this year they have added jazz -- a family event that continues to get better each year -- i hope to see you there


this is an homage to the modernist movement in art - the exploration of new ideas and images that heighten our senses and cause us to view things in a different light than we are used to -- bold yet still subtle in its undertaking -- made from painted wood, checkered cloth, metal, and thread - an energetic flow of color nad form to lose yourself in

the collector

we all collect things that we feel are important in our lives -- and everyone seeks something different - our searches are confined to those things that for some reason attract us to what they have to offer - this piece represents that longing to possess -- to make things part of our lives and to proudly call them our own -- made from metal, mahoghany seed, wire , and sterling silver


made from bamboo, dried flower pods, broom fiber, and metal -- in celebration of the japanese form of poetry -- simple, yet strong in meaning, eclipsing the necessity for compilcated explanation by using a minimalist approach

Friday, October 12, 2012


indochine is the area east of india and south of china -- in this piece i have strived to set a mood that will allow the viewer to experience the acuity that allows one to explore thoughts apart from concrete realities of specific objects - i have used rug canvas not only as the backing,but also as an integral part of the piece -- using carpet warp i have woven or knotted intricate designs that house bamboo beads that are sewn to the backing -- from within selected bamboo pieces a thin ring of yellow wire extends outward -- all combining to create delicate patterns evoking a land and area of thought -- as always i have provided a detail

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

11th annual art on the green

the 11th annual art on the green is held in bastrop this saturday and sunday october 6th and 7th from 10.00 am - 5 pm -- this year the show is housed at the new bastrop convention center located at 1311 chestnut street - since the weather will be beautiful, you should get out and enjoy the show - sunday is forcast to be on the chilly side so think christmas presents and come to see us -- for those of you who check out my blog - i am offering a $10.00 off entire purchase of my art -- so buy some presents and save some money -- all you have to do is mention that you saw this on my blog and i will take $10.00 off your purchase -- see you there

art after 6

art after 6 is this friday october 5th at the austin city hall council chamber - it starts at 6.00pm-- i am honored to be one of four artist giving a presentation -- for those who live in the area it would be great to see you there, as well as city hall will be open to the public for everyone to view the art --

FASA anual exhibition 2012 opening

the FASA annual exhibition 2012 opening will be held october 9th at the bismark studios contemporary fine art gallery -- located at 930 proton, san antonio,texas -- the opening will be held from 7pm - 10.00 pm -- please come and enjoy the art