Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hand of fate

an intricate piece much like fate itself - constucted of rusted metal, metal grommet, wooden disk, turquoise bead, copper wire, red glass beads, blue glass beads, horsehair, jute, carpet warp, metal wire , and metal cast hand of fate --
holding the future in balance

forgotten gods

forgotten gods explores the need for explanation-- when man needs an answer to questions not easily explained - he sometimes attributes those things he cannot understand to remnants of past beliefs -- made from two differnt types of agate that are embraced by the arms of a seed pod that i found - offering comfort to those of us in need

night sky

after the day has ended comes the night -- darkness sometimes hiding events from the bright glaring sun and sometimes offering the solace of peace and chance encouters - fashioned from wooden disks from which hang bamboo and glass beads and seemingly about to be engulfed by a wave of handmade paper - a dream world in which all possibilites are obtainable


the delicacy of the lotus flower -- crafted from bamboo disks handstitched together with wooden painted beads, reed and carved soapstone

eastern sun

eastern sun is a celebration of life -- the sun casts its rays to sustain life on our planet and bring hope of a better tomorrow -- made from painted wood, bamboo, copper wire, glass beads and handcrafted beads


kimono explores the delicate intricacies often found in japanese design - the subtleties in color and form - it is made from handmade paper,metal beads, turquoise beads, glass beads, and metal


a small shadowbox piece- it is constructed of bkf rives paper as a background - bamboo is then layed in a square formation - the center pieces are painted wood and fired clay is inserted into the mddle of the wooden bowl structures


tsunami is a piece i created earlier this year, before the terrible devastation in japan - it is made from bkf rives paper, dyed and painted reed and metal clips - i feel it expresses the unrelenting power of nature and the unstoppable destruction that it can cause -- my heart goes out to those people in japan that have had to suffer from this terrible hand dealt of fate

at the water's edge

this piece is constructed of woven pellon that is handstitched together to provide a background of pockets into which dyed capiz shells are inserted -- to me it is reflective of the gentle motion found at the water's edge-- whether it be the ebb of the ocean or the subtle reminder of the scales of sea creatures-- i have included a detail for a closer look

Sunday, April 17, 2011


the following pics are of a piece i created entitled "blink" -- constructed of woven pellon that has been stitched together to hold form -- vertical and horizontal cuts have then been made into the woven piece -- i have sewn glass beads into acorn tops and then sewn them inside the fabric openings - chinese amber has been sewn into the border cuts -- my interpretation of the mind's eye -- gathering information from every direction

windows on main mother's day market

may 7th is the date to come down to san antonio to enjoy the windows on main mother's day market -- wonderful and different art from local artisans will be for sell -- i always have a great time meeting new people and visiting old friends -- it is located in beautiful monte vista at north main and mistletoe, just north of downtown -- it will run from 10.00 - 6.00 and is free and open to the public so there is no reason not to come out and enjoy the day -- see you there

Friday, April 15, 2011

accents and elements

my work is being represented at a new store that showcases local artisans and designers -- it is located at 5925 burnet road, in austin, texas and named -- accents and elements
they have just opened and will be having a reception soon -- i'll keep you informed --
i viewed the works at accents and elements and really liked the diversity of the art and the beautiful techniques that were applied to realizing the artist dream-- please support your arts and arts venues


this piece i based on the types of cloth produced in africa--
i have woven pellon and stitched it together, reeds are then woven within the established cloth, creating a pattern of distinct lines-- these reeds are then sewn into place utilizing two different shades of turquiose carpet warp and yarn to finished the pattern
i have included a detail as well for a closer view

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


a full picture of the art piece -- part of a series i am creating

amoeba - detail

amoeba -- a one celled protazoan with a mass of cytoplasm that changes in shape as the organism moves -- this piece is made from woven pellon that is stitched together -- then wire screen is frayed and sewn on - followed by handmade paper, dyed and formed and sun dried then affixed by brads

Monday, April 4, 2011

another reminder -- studio2gallery

"double vision" i a national juried exhibit at studio2gallery opens this saturday, april 9th, with the reception from 6.30 - 8.30 -- i am pleased to have new work on display as well as be among some very fine artists displaying as well -- please take the time to attend -- you won't be disappointed
studio2gallery is located at 1700 south lamar -- suite 318

2011 fayettevile art walk

the end of the month is near so it's time to plan ahead -- the 2011 fayetteville art walk in fayetteville, texas will be held on april 30th and may 1st -- once again i will be participating as i have for the past few years -- for those of you who attend , you know how much fun it is and how high the quality of art is -- for those who haven't attended , well it's time that you come - so make your plans and come on down -- i guarantee that you'll have a wonderful time -- i look forward to seeing old freinds and making new ones -- oscar