Saturday, November 10, 2012

another view

this view shows - weight of the soul, seed quilt, and shadowboxed work

e.a.s.t. austin studio tour

i have added the following pics to show how i displayed my art in the west room of the flatbed press building, the pieces shown are red sky at night, indochine, and navajo

Friday, November 2, 2012


twin is a study in the shared visuals of matched items - images that are similar, yet still remain different in their slight imperfections -- at first glance the same, but after longer perusal the marked differences become apparent - the individuality that we all possess regardless of how close we are -- made from cotton, reed, glass, wood beads and metal


it is the movement to and fro of a fixed object- often marking a passage from side to side using gravity and aquired momentum -- made from handmade paper, glass, reed, and metal

wesley gallery fine art festival

this weekend is the wesley fine arts festival in dripping springs, texas -- it will be held at the wesley gallery, located at 27008 ranch road 12 -- the festival will be held on saturday november 3rd from 10.00 - 5.00 pm -- it promises to be a beautiful weeken so get out and come enjoy -

wood nymphs

bone, seed pods, metal, and horn all come together to form a trio of wood nymphs - those female dieties that inhabit the forests and seek protection amongst the tree and wildlife - goddesses in their own right

harvest moon

a piece created with the cycles of the moon in mind -- hand made paper, wood, and dried yucca bloom -- indicative as the the moon under which we transition from harvest to the climes of winter


mandala is a sanskrit word meaning circle - but it is so much more tha that, mandalas are often used to focus attention - as a spiritual teaching tool - for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation -- this mandala is created from bamboo, horse hair, wire, wood, metal, turquoise and resin

sea horse

sea horse is constructed from bone, horse hair, porcupine quills, metal, glass, turquiose, and wool roving -- an abstract of those creatures that inhabit the seas and facinate us as to their being