Tuesday, December 27, 2011

commemorative piece

this piece is one of 2 that are up for consideration as a commemorative piece honoring dr. kenneth blair -- dr. blair was the most compassionate and caring person that i have known and a brilliant physician - he is missed by many and will always be missed by me - taken to young
the piece is constructed of handmade paper and wood - the color blue is reflective of the healing process
the structured form to represent his dedication to his calling
the wood to show his love of working with wood to create beauty
all in all a very complex man, yet one who always seemed to care, first and foremost for the health and well being of others
when the second piece is finished i will post it as well --

peoples gallery

i have entered 5 pieces to be considered for exhibit at austin city hall for the year of 2012 - this is always a wonderful exhibit of thought- provoking art - as soon as i know whether or not my work has been accepted i will post it -- regardless i can not wait to once again view the chosen work at the opening held in february -- i will keep you posted

la sirena

la sirena is made of handmade dyed paper -- the paper was dyed in its pulped stage then formed into circular pieces -- dried in the sun, polyurethaned and then sewn onto a canvas backing -- it measures 36 inches by 25 inches -- la sirena is representational of mermaid scales -- the siren that lures unfortunates with dreams of enchantment - by song and beauty