Tuesday, December 27, 2011

commemorative piece

this piece is one of 2 that are up for consideration as a commemorative piece honoring dr. kenneth blair -- dr. blair was the most compassionate and caring person that i have known and a brilliant physician - he is missed by many and will always be missed by me - taken to young
the piece is constructed of handmade paper and wood - the color blue is reflective of the healing process
the structured form to represent his dedication to his calling
the wood to show his love of working with wood to create beauty
all in all a very complex man, yet one who always seemed to care, first and foremost for the health and well being of others
when the second piece is finished i will post it as well --

peoples gallery

i have entered 5 pieces to be considered for exhibit at austin city hall for the year of 2012 - this is always a wonderful exhibit of thought- provoking art - as soon as i know whether or not my work has been accepted i will post it -- regardless i can not wait to once again view the chosen work at the opening held in february -- i will keep you posted

la sirena

la sirena is made of handmade dyed paper -- the paper was dyed in its pulped stage then formed into circular pieces -- dried in the sun, polyurethaned and then sewn onto a canvas backing -- it measures 36 inches by 25 inches -- la sirena is representational of mermaid scales -- the siren that lures unfortunates with dreams of enchantment - by song and beauty

Friday, November 4, 2011

east austin studio tour

it is one week from the kick-off of the east austin studio tour -- i will be showing with a group of exceptional artists at studio2gallery -- this is the studio of very gifted photographer tina weitz - it is located at 2832 east martin luther king blvd -
the opening reception is november 12th from 6 - 8 and open to the public --
e.a.s.t. hours for studio2gallery will be --
nov. 12 - 13th : 11 am - 6 pm
nov. 16 - 18th : 12 pm - 5 pm
nov. 19 - 20th : 11 am - 6 pm
please be sure to attend and check out all of the fabulous art on display and for sale - remember the gift of art for the holidays shows that you have thought about and chosen specifically for that special person --


the marine crustacean that attaches itself to floating timber and the bottom of boats - made from barnacles, and jute wrapped with carpet warp


the joining of nuclei in a reaction to form heavier nuclei -- made from wood, bamboo, handmade paper, metal, and tinted copper wire

tree of life

tree of life is a study of nature and all that it promises - the growth from a seed that roots and grows, protecting itself with barbs and recreating from its own seeds,it teaches us that nature will always be part of our world and will always adapt to survive -- from jute wrapped with carpet warp, glass beads, seed pods, porcupine quills, embossed metal, metal cutout, wood, and hemp


emblematic of the south sea adventurers that traveled great distances to explore distant reaches -- formed to resemble a sailing vessel decorated to honor their beliefs and shadowed by the rising moon these couragious people set forth into the unknown -- made from handmade paper, reed, metal, embossed metal, and bone and brad


constructed from handmade paper, metal beads, hemp cord, glass beads, copper, wood, and chinese amber -- it is the exuberance of celebration - the unabandoned joy and excitement we feel when we experiance great personal satisfaction

god of mischief

in norse mythology, there is a god of mischief - loki - this piece is fashioned from embossed metal, metal beads, glass beads, tinted copper, and wood -- symbolizing the strength of belief that good and evil are always present

Monday, October 17, 2011


exploring the complexities of the culture of laos -- a delicate balance, layered one upon the other to create an image of seemingly simple design yet hiding within a deeper understanding of dependence of thought and reality -- formed from wood, bamboo, red copper, and glass beads


a piece made from handmade paper, metal with patina, metal, copper wire, glass beads, wooden beads, and horsehair -- indicative of that which breeds in water, depositing its eggs in an aquatic culture to ensure its progeny

Sunday, October 16, 2011

harvestfest in bastrop

contrary to popular belief, bastrop, texas did not burn to the ground in the recent fires this labour day -- the town did suffer damage but is still a thriving community - each year on the two days following thanksgiving harvestfest is held(november25-26th) -- it is a vibrant festival of handcrafted fine art and you will find spectacular pieces for sale - this year more than any, you need to mark your calendars and plan to attend -- show your support for bastrop -
the festival draws in remarkable crowds and art lovers from far and wide - i will be there lending my support to rebuilding the economy as will many other artists - please consider lending your support as well - come and enjoy the festival and remember that christmas is just around the corner and it is a perfect opportunity to
find one of a kind gifts as well as boost the economy and the spirit of the bastrop community at a time when it is needed most- for any artists that would like to consider participating, please contact chris klink at christolph@msn.com

east austin studio tour - studio2gallery

save the date - november 12-13th - 11.00-6.00, november 16,17,18th - 12.00-5.00 and november 19-20th -11.00-6.00 - these are the dates as well as an artists reception on november 12th from 6.00-8.00
i am among 14 artist that will be exhibiting at studio2gallery located within the flatbed press building located at 2832 east mlk blvd in austin, texas - the artist are as follows - leon alesi, jill alo, tami bone, debbie buie, channe felton, david johndrow, barbara lugge, chalda maloff, maggie norman, john sager, carol schiraldi, mo scollan, oscar silva, and tina weitz-
come and celebrate the new location of studio2gallery and view the fabulous artwork

buda fine arts festival

just a reminder that october 22-23rd is the buda fine arts festival -- i have been chosen to be featured artist this year (a great honor) the hours are saturday 10.00-6.00 and sunday 10.00-4.00 -- the show is located on the greenbelt in historic downtown buda (just south of austin, texas) this festival has consistently been a place of high quality art and fun -- if you haven't been then you need to take some time out and enjoy the festival and explore buda -- see you there

shorelines biennial - 2011

i have once again had a piece chosen for exhibit at the shorelines biennial held at the rockport center for the arts in rockport texas -- the opening reception is october 22nd - if you are able to make it is looks to be a wonderful show -- the piece selected for exhibit is " amoeba" (pictured earlier in this blog)-- also selected were works by fellow artists john sager (love his work with found objects) and sylvia benitez (beautiful painter) be sure to go and check out the incredible work

Thursday, September 22, 2011

inspire's on fire gala and fundraiser at the witte museum

the art was amazing -- i had the privelege to win 1st place in 3-d professional -- the winning piece was "cocoon"(you can view it on an earlier post on this blog) -- all of the winning pieces were really spectacular both in the professional and amateur catagories -- congratulations to my fellow winners -- the winning pieces will be displayed at the downtown san antonio public library -- i will post the dates they will be displayed as soon as i recieve notice -- please make a point to go and see them

art on the green

art on the green will be held on october 1st from 10.00 - 5.00 in bastrop, texas--
please come and enjoy the art as well as help bastrop rebuild from the devastating fires that ravaged the county -- many artist are starting to rebuild their lives and this is a great way to lend a hand-- all of the art is hand crafted and beautiful -- don't miss your chance to show support --

Thursday, September 8, 2011


an homage to the world of film -- i have tried to fashion a representation which reflects the way in which we capture images - the ability to form mental images of things never experienced -- made from wood, felt, bamboo, and metal - all waiting for the illumination of light to come to life --

goddess of the sun

created from painted wood wooden spools,carved wooden beads,rubber ring, metal and metal beads --
reflective of the things that we hold in awe -- from finding a higher power in those things around us that are constant and provide us with a primary source of wonder

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

study in white

woven pellon stitched together to form a backing - through the pockets formed by the weaving, pieces of pellon were inserted and folded to form a triangular form and stitched together -- thus giving the piece a 3 dimensional form while still maintaining the purity of the thought -- this piece will be at the inpire's on fire emerging artists juried exhibition and gala held the witte museum in san antonio, texas friday september 16th , 2011

commissioned piece

this piece was commissioned for a client -- it is woven pellon, painted wood, red wire, chinese amber, and bamboo and red glass beads -- it was made to invoke visions of the orient


this is a piece that i have created that is made from woven pellon that has been sewn together to provide a backdrop for the wrapped elements that form an intricate pattern much like the carved stone windows found throught the middle east-- the wrapped element extends from either side of the woven strips to join together as one and end capped with a wooden spool -- it is the window to the hidden world of the seraglio or harem in the sultan's palace - i have included a detail as well as a full view

Friday, September 2, 2011


made of handmade paper, reed, and carpet warp -- it is composed of 3 triangles of 2 feet each that hang inches above each other-- as if weighless

art matters gallery

if you haven't had the chance to visit art matters gallery in new braunfels, texas then you should definately make arrangemaent to go -- the art is wonderful --
it is located at 2339 gruene lake drive, suite b, in new braunfels , texas

art guild of rural texas

the "united in textiles " exhibit that was co-ordinated by the austin fiber artist has been invited to continue its show at the rural arts guild of texas in fayetteville, texas -- the exhibit will be up from september 26th - october 15th with the opening reception taking place on october 8th -- if you didn't get a chance to see the exhibit in austin then here is your chance to experiance a wonderful and diverse showing of what fiber art can achieve -- please attend if at all possible


this is a piece that i entitled "stamen" - it is an interpretation of the pollen bearing organ of a flower -- composed of a granite base,with a tower arising from the base made of hardware cloth that has been knotted with a carpet warp design - over that hemp cord has been knotted and tipped with handmade paper -- wrapped element extends from the sides and end with the paper from a garlic bloom thus creating the illusion of both male and female organs to ensure pollination -- it is topped with a dried seed pod embellished with glass bead - i am including both a full view as well as a detail for your viewing pleasure

inspire's on fire

i have been blessed to have 2 pieces accepted into this exhibition -- inspire's on fire - emerging artists juried exhibition and gala - to be held at the witte museum -
located at 3801 broadway in san antonio, texas -
the event is to held on friday september 16th, 2011 from 7.00 - 10.30 pm
for further information please check out the information at http:/www.inspirefineart.org

Monday, August 22, 2011

shorelines - biennial 2011

i have just received notice that my piece - 'amoeba' was accepted for exibition in the shorelines biennial 2011 to be held in rockport, texas - the exhibit is october 19 - november 19 -- opening reception will be october 22nd at the rockport center for the arts -- rockport, texas
the level of artwork is very good - so take the time out to go and enjoy the artwork and all that rockport has to offer --

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

forbidden city

composed of wood, reed, bone, metal beads, metal embellishment, and carpet warp --
the balance of design that one often experiences when viewing chinese influenced art - enticing you to look further and promising in doing so you will discover wonders that lie within your reach - no longer behind the walls of a forbidden city


solar - proceeding from the sun - glass floating within a ring of fired clay beads that have been stitched together - with reed extending out and supporting chinese amber as its rays reach out to give life - an exploration and interpretation of the forces that provide us with warmth and growth - in essence life itself


it is the bridge between that which is and that which can be - a simple journey from one side to the other , but often the hardest of things to accomplish - one step and the journey begins - composed of bamboo, carpet warp, hardware cloth, wire, and red glass beads - begin your journey


the spanish word for venom -- it is fashioned from hardware cloth that has been hand knotted with carpet warp - hemp cord tipped with handmade paper reaches out from the central structure - within lies the antidote - sealed within a glass bottle


this piece was created for "artist changing tomorrow"- the organization auctions donated artwork to raise money for funding art programs in rural texas - the auction takes place early next year and can be viewed online--
the piece is shadowboxed and is constructed of hardware cloth that has been knotted with carpet warp - wrapped element extends from the body and is capped with handmade paper - wrapped element flows through the center and branches out through the top and sides -- the element branching to the sides culminates in wooden pieces that are enhances by fired clay beads - the element extending through the middle reaches up passing a wooden cap to connect with a bamboo disk embellished with a metal brad, mirroring the wooden piece at the bottom of the structure-
i titled the artwork "scarab" as it is an interpretation of the scarab beetle of ancient egypt

Friday, July 22, 2011


an insignia is a mark of honor - a distiguishing mark that sets one apart --
made of bamboo, carpet warp, wire, glass beads, metal beads, cast and polished metal, and turquoise bead

the secret of life

wooden bowl, carpet warp, sterling silver, metal, glass beads, seed pods, glass vial, and cork -- that which we all search for - often right in front of our eyes and just as often still not seen - it is important to see all that is around you

things to come

composed of cardboard, cloth, hardware cloth, metal, pieces of domino, watch face, and found object-
time and the things to come are often illusionary -- industrialization may outlast us

zen garden

i have just finished a sculpture that i am very proud of -- zen garden --
it consists of a wooden base supporting an armature of hardware cloth that has been overknotted with carpet warp --the floor of the armature is covered in polished stone -- from to roof of the structure are a series of paper extentions that hang suspended and culminating in the skins of a garlic bloom --
to me it explores that place inside of all of us that revives our soul and infuses peace and calm into our lives --

Thursday, June 16, 2011

nubian male

a further exploration of africa and its mystique -- the male figure to accompany his mate --comprised of seed pod, carved wooden beads, metal beads, metal, blue glass beads, turquoise beads, and enameled metal

nubian female

an homage to the grandeur of the african nation --nubian female represents those rulers of great tribes that enchanted us at the turn of the century and inspired the adventure stories of lost civilizations -- i have created this from seed pods, metal rods, metal disks, carved wood beads, elliptical wood pieces, and yellow glass beads


inspired by the structures that the wasps build around my house- hive is fashioned from mata paper, lotus seed pod, and turquoise beads, and vinyl disk

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

austin fiber artists - united in textile

i will be showing three pieces of work at the julia c. butridge gallery (the dougherty art center)at 1110 barton springs road, austin , texas -- opening reception august 4th -- this is a group show of the austin fiber artists -- please come and enjoy the art - the show runs from august 4th - 27th

old bakery and emporium gallery

my next exhibit will be at the old bakery gallery and emporium in austin, texas -- it is located in downtown austin, texas at 1600 congress avenue - the exhibit is july 6th through august 5th, 2011

artmatters gallery opening

i wish to thank all of the people who showed up for the opening reception at the artmatters gallery -- the night was a great success -- if you were unable to make the opening please take the time to visit the gallery as the art is spectacular -- it is located at 2339 gruene lake drive suite b, new braunfels, texas


a safe haven to protect us from the outside world -- a place where one is always welcome and safe -- where one can be at ease with the world -- constructed of cardboard, foam, pellon, carpet warp, reed


a simple structure offering solace to those in need -- made from cardboard, metal, bamboo, turquoise beads, pellon, reed, carpet warp

ray of light

sometimes a ray of light can enlighten our views and show us another way to experience life -- using polished metal, turquoise beads, red glass beads, metal beads, carpet warp, and capiz shell, i have fashioned a looking glass to the soul -- enabling one to allow a ray of light to cleanse and renew our thoughts

jardin (garden)

this piece is composed of cotton cloth, agate, bamboo, copper, reed, and chinese amber -- memories of el jardin (the garden) -- a flurry of movement and growth -- catching the eye with continual movement and promise of things to come

august moon

in the summer, on hot full moon nights you can see the moon slightly obscured by fleeting clouds -- shedding light through the clouds as it casts its tinted blue light to guide us in the dark -- made from handmade paper and rusted metal


ancestrial is composed of metal, wood, chinese amber, and rubber -- representing those ancestrial keepsakes that are discovered lying hidden on the earth -- coming to the surface by accident sometimes, or found in plain sight -- the groundwork to who we are

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

under construction

under construction is a piece that represents how thoughout our lives we are basically "under construction" - always growing and learning about our purpose in todays world -- it is made from embossed paper, reed, rusted metal, and metal brads

accents and elements - grand opening

the opening reception for accents and elements is on june 25, saturday from 5.00 - 7.00 -- located at 5925 burnet road in austin, texas -- as you can see i have added the invitation which lists the artists that have work there -- please support the arts and attend -

Monday, June 6, 2011


this is a jewelry piece that i tried my hand at --made from handmade formed paper, senna seeds, horsehair, jute wrapped with carpet warp, rug backing, bamboo and grommet -- i love the feel of the piece -- nature reaching out to us

ebb tide

another piece that i have woven from pellon -- the pieces are handwoven and then sewn together to create pockets in the fabric- then pieces of hardware cloth are cut, painted, shaped and then woven with yarn with a glass bead sewn onto the point - these pieces are then inserted into the pockets and sewn on by hand -- i have added a detailed pic as well as a full pic for your observation -- it refers to the gentle ebb of the ocean as it gently washes the shore - the woven pieces emulating the waves as they come to shore

art matters

just to let you know -- a new gallery in new braunfels, texas is opening soon --
it will feature art work by myself, daryl colburn, vie dunn-harr, channe felton, john moler, richard orange, rita ross, and tina weitz.
the opening reception is saturday, june 11th from 5 - 8
the gallery is -- artmatters -- located at 2339 gruene lake drive, suite b , new braunfels, texas -- i hope that you can make it as the art ranges from photography, painting, painting, jewelry, and my personal favorite -- fiber

Thursday, May 26, 2011

weight of importance

using embossed paper as a background and building upon it with rusted metal, frayed metal screen, and different colored metal squares i have endeavored to create a piece that explores how we are weighted down in life by the very things that we have decided are important - all things different for all people -- and when it comes down to it, we find that all things have equal importance - they just become heavier if we don't realize their worth

blue grotto

handmade paper,carpet warp, metal, found metal object and rusted metal come together to create this piece -- i have named it blue grotto because it reminds me of the quiet, soft blue waters and the peace that you find when visiting these caverns that are formed by erosion - a sanctuary