Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FASA annual exhibition 2012

the Fiber Artists of San Antonio annual exhibition 2012 will be held at the Bismark Studio Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, 930 Proton, Suite 202, San Antonio, Texas -- october 9th-20th 2012 i am honored to have three pieces chosen for the exhibit -- please attend if you can as the artwork is always of very high standard and quality -- the pieces chosen of mine are -- seed quilt -- past life -- and red sky at night - you can preview them on this blog -- just check the archives -- thank you

art of meditation

made from hardware cloth, carpet warp, handmade paper, metal, sterling silver, onyx bead, turquoise bead, reed, wool roving and metal wire -- a space to draw you in, offering the peace and solace of a meditative state -- look within and find the space in which you are replenished and nourished by the calm and ease of relaxation -- detail included for your pleasure


armor is composed of mettalic cloth, metal, wood, chineses amber, handmade paper, and sterling silver -- that which protects us and forms an outer shell in which for us to dwell

Sunday, September 23, 2012


this is a piece that i did to celebrate the unique artistry that is found in the creation of navajo rugs -- whereas the pattern is mine, i have tried to mirror the simplicity and power that you see in the patterns of the southwest -- using carpet warp that has been woven to surround the triangles of handmade paper, i have tried to pull in the image of the desert - the beauty of the sand and mountains -- wrapped element extends from these mountain images and from these elements sprout raffia - the raffia is indicative of the desert plants that somehow survive the harsh climate -- all in all a joyous celebration that shows the beauty and tenacity of the desert southwest and the visuals that are inherent there -- i hava added a close up to increase the visual experience for you

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

solo exhibit - studio2gallery

here is a copy of the invite for the studio2gallery exhibit opening this friday september 14th - please attend if you can