Thursday, May 26, 2011

weight of importance

using embossed paper as a background and building upon it with rusted metal, frayed metal screen, and different colored metal squares i have endeavored to create a piece that explores how we are weighted down in life by the very things that we have decided are important - all things different for all people -- and when it comes down to it, we find that all things have equal importance - they just become heavier if we don't realize their worth

blue grotto

handmade paper,carpet warp, metal, found metal object and rusted metal come together to create this piece -- i have named it blue grotto because it reminds me of the quiet, soft blue waters and the peace that you find when visiting these caverns that are formed by erosion - a sanctuary

Monday, May 16, 2011

softer side of art

i will be exhibiting in a group show in kerville, texas at the kerr arts and cultural center invitational from may 26th - june 26th -- i am pleased to be in the company of 11 other fine artists -- they are laura ann beehler, geogia zwartjes, carol gaubatz, renita kuhn, martha grant, pam farley, cheryl elms, naomi wanjiku, paula cox, sherry tolar, and diane sandlin --
reception for the exhibit will be saturday may 28th from 1.00 - 3.00 --- i hope to see you there

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

primordial couple

handmade paper, rug backing, chinese amber beads, copper wire, metal wire, yellow glass beads , and red glass beads make up abstract image of that which existed at the very beginning

pandora's box

in creating pandora's box , i wanted to recreate the yearning to open the box, no matter what the cost -- a cast metal box suspended from a metal ring fraught with unheeded warnings , pointed spikes of reed protruding from a protective metal ring that encircles handmade paper, and in the center a hypnotic spin( a button) whose only purpose is to lure you in -- would you open the box?


by using what are commonly referred to as "sea straws", copper wire, copper bead, glass beads, and fired clay with metallic glazes, i hoped to create the gentle movement and weightlessness that is at the heart of the earths oceans


bamboo, reed, bone, red glass beads, metal, oxidized metal vessel and lapis -- a combination that forms a modern day reliquary to house those sacred beliefs we all cling to


handmade paper, horsehair, bamboo, carpet warp, copper wire, metal brad, metal wire, red glass bead, turquoise beads, and chinese amber beads all come together to cause to come into being -- the magic to cure illness, fortell the future, and control spiritual forces


chinese amber beads, copper, bamboo, and wood - the symbolic rise of one object following another in an uninterupted sequence


empress is made of handmade paper, horsehair, bamboo, metal, red brad, and red glass beads - a reflection of the elaborate and fantastic head dresses worn by the exotic empresses of the past


rusted metal and spring, copper beads, carpet warp, handmade paper, and porcupine quills make up this mythical creature - inspired by cave dweller as perhaps one of the creatures that finds peace and safety in the caves

cave dweller

rusted metal springs, handmade paper and wood -- that which survives at a primal level - seeking solace within the caves of the earth and finding its home within

adam's rib

a piece created from bone, red glass bead, bamboo, wood and copper -- the link between man and woman and the sharing the bonds that connect us all

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

gentle reminder

just a gentle reminder that this weekend on saturday, may 7th , i will be participating in the windows on main mothers day market -- having done this many times i have watched it grow from a small neighborhood art fair to over 60 artists and the level of art has grown as well -- please take a little time to come out and enjoy the fine art and support your local artists -- it is located at the corners of mistletoe and main in the beautiful neighborhood of monte vist in san antonio, texas and it is open 10.00 to 5.00 -- this event is free to the public so there is no real reason for you to not come -- as well as you might find that special something for mom

keeper of books

using embossed paper, handmade paper, metal, brads and remnants of the printed page bound with metal hanging from a piece of metal with a light patina i have tried to show how precarious the printed page has become in this age of electronics -- thankfully, there are those among us that will cling to the beauty of that printed page and protect it for future generations


handmade paper, horsehair, the spokes of a seed pod, metal, glass beads, wood, and chinese coin, and bamboo disk -- it is the belief that power rests in symbols of strength - and that through these talismans we will find protection from our greatest fears


fashioned from handmade paper, wood, reed, clay beads, bamboo, and carpet warp -- it is the delicate balance that keeps us in check - both physically and emotionally

heart of the matter

sometimes you just need to get to the heart of the matter -- composed of handmade paper, metal, and enameled metal --