Monday, December 31, 2012


triad - a group of three as in the three graces - beauty, charm, and ceativity -- this piece is constructed fron rug canvas, hardware cloth, carpet warp (both woven as well as knotted), handmade paper, wood,jute, metal brads, and glass

Thursday, December 6, 2012

cherrywood art fair

i will indeed be at the cherrywood art fair this weekend (dec 8th - 9th) in austin -- located at the corner of 381/2 and maplewood avenue --- about 4 blocks east of I-35 -- at the last minute i was offered a booth space --so come on down and enjoy the art -

Saturday, November 10, 2012

another view

this view shows - weight of the soul, seed quilt, and shadowboxed work

e.a.s.t. austin studio tour

i have added the following pics to show how i displayed my art in the west room of the flatbed press building, the pieces shown are red sky at night, indochine, and navajo

Friday, November 2, 2012


twin is a study in the shared visuals of matched items - images that are similar, yet still remain different in their slight imperfections -- at first glance the same, but after longer perusal the marked differences become apparent - the individuality that we all possess regardless of how close we are -- made from cotton, reed, glass, wood beads and metal


it is the movement to and fro of a fixed object- often marking a passage from side to side using gravity and aquired momentum -- made from handmade paper, glass, reed, and metal

wesley gallery fine art festival

this weekend is the wesley fine arts festival in dripping springs, texas -- it will be held at the wesley gallery, located at 27008 ranch road 12 -- the festival will be held on saturday november 3rd from 10.00 - 5.00 pm -- it promises to be a beautiful weeken so get out and come enjoy -

wood nymphs

bone, seed pods, metal, and horn all come together to form a trio of wood nymphs - those female dieties that inhabit the forests and seek protection amongst the tree and wildlife - goddesses in their own right

harvest moon

a piece created with the cycles of the moon in mind -- hand made paper, wood, and dried yucca bloom -- indicative as the the moon under which we transition from harvest to the climes of winter


mandala is a sanskrit word meaning circle - but it is so much more tha that, mandalas are often used to focus attention - as a spiritual teaching tool - for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation -- this mandala is created from bamboo, horse hair, wire, wood, metal, turquoise and resin

sea horse

sea horse is constructed from bone, horse hair, porcupine quills, metal, glass, turquiose, and wool roving -- an abstract of those creatures that inhabit the seas and facinate us as to their being

Thursday, October 18, 2012

time passages

time passages is composed of dried orange rind, metal, metal beads, wire, chinese amber, sterling silver, turquoise, glass bead , and carved jade bead -- it is the slow movement of our lives -- time passing in the inevitable forward movement that slowly and minutely changes all things and still allows them to remain with us -- for everything that changes, everything stays the same


it is a recepticle for those things that we find precious in our lives - a protective housing built to show the respect we hold for the housed object - it is a place of safety both in our hearts as well as in our minds -- crafted from ceramic, hardware cloth, bamboo, carpet warp, metal, lead weights, metal beads, bone, and onyx

ministering spirit

the ministering spirirt is that which provides us with comfort and hope - the protector of our belief system -- it is the one to whom we rely on to support us in our time of need and to show us that we are not alone -- composed of handmade paper, metal, wire, chinese amber, metal bead, wood bead, and horsehair

beside the point

i crafted this piece from wood, metal, handmade paper, cotton cord, and glass -- it is that explanation point that exists in all our lives that at times we stress -- it is "beside the point"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


gemini is composed of bamboo,metal,wire,sterling silver and horsehair -- it represents the bond between twins -- that connection that allows them to act as empaths -- conneceted by emotion and understanding as well as image

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

buda fine arts and jazz festival

the buda fine arts and jazz festival is this weekend october 20 - 21st in historic downtown buda, texas -- the hours are 10 -5 both saturday and sunday -- i am pleased to be there again this year with many other fine artists -- please plan to attend as it not only has wonderful art to enjoy but this year they have added jazz -- a family event that continues to get better each year -- i hope to see you there


this is an homage to the modernist movement in art - the exploration of new ideas and images that heighten our senses and cause us to view things in a different light than we are used to -- bold yet still subtle in its undertaking -- made from painted wood, checkered cloth, metal, and thread - an energetic flow of color nad form to lose yourself in

the collector

we all collect things that we feel are important in our lives -- and everyone seeks something different - our searches are confined to those things that for some reason attract us to what they have to offer - this piece represents that longing to possess -- to make things part of our lives and to proudly call them our own -- made from metal, mahoghany seed, wire , and sterling silver


made from bamboo, dried flower pods, broom fiber, and metal -- in celebration of the japanese form of poetry -- simple, yet strong in meaning, eclipsing the necessity for compilcated explanation by using a minimalist approach

Friday, October 12, 2012


indochine is the area east of india and south of china -- in this piece i have strived to set a mood that will allow the viewer to experience the acuity that allows one to explore thoughts apart from concrete realities of specific objects - i have used rug canvas not only as the backing,but also as an integral part of the piece -- using carpet warp i have woven or knotted intricate designs that house bamboo beads that are sewn to the backing -- from within selected bamboo pieces a thin ring of yellow wire extends outward -- all combining to create delicate patterns evoking a land and area of thought -- as always i have provided a detail

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

11th annual art on the green

the 11th annual art on the green is held in bastrop this saturday and sunday october 6th and 7th from 10.00 am - 5 pm -- this year the show is housed at the new bastrop convention center located at 1311 chestnut street - since the weather will be beautiful, you should get out and enjoy the show - sunday is forcast to be on the chilly side so think christmas presents and come to see us -- for those of you who check out my blog - i am offering a $10.00 off entire purchase of my art -- so buy some presents and save some money -- all you have to do is mention that you saw this on my blog and i will take $10.00 off your purchase -- see you there

art after 6

art after 6 is this friday october 5th at the austin city hall council chamber - it starts at 6.00pm-- i am honored to be one of four artist giving a presentation -- for those who live in the area it would be great to see you there, as well as city hall will be open to the public for everyone to view the art --

FASA anual exhibition 2012 opening

the FASA annual exhibition 2012 opening will be held october 9th at the bismark studios contemporary fine art gallery -- located at 930 proton, san antonio,texas -- the opening will be held from 7pm - 10.00 pm -- please come and enjoy the art

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FASA annual exhibition 2012

the Fiber Artists of San Antonio annual exhibition 2012 will be held at the Bismark Studio Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, 930 Proton, Suite 202, San Antonio, Texas -- october 9th-20th 2012 i am honored to have three pieces chosen for the exhibit -- please attend if you can as the artwork is always of very high standard and quality -- the pieces chosen of mine are -- seed quilt -- past life -- and red sky at night - you can preview them on this blog -- just check the archives -- thank you

art of meditation

made from hardware cloth, carpet warp, handmade paper, metal, sterling silver, onyx bead, turquoise bead, reed, wool roving and metal wire -- a space to draw you in, offering the peace and solace of a meditative state -- look within and find the space in which you are replenished and nourished by the calm and ease of relaxation -- detail included for your pleasure


armor is composed of mettalic cloth, metal, wood, chineses amber, handmade paper, and sterling silver -- that which protects us and forms an outer shell in which for us to dwell

Sunday, September 23, 2012


this is a piece that i did to celebrate the unique artistry that is found in the creation of navajo rugs -- whereas the pattern is mine, i have tried to mirror the simplicity and power that you see in the patterns of the southwest -- using carpet warp that has been woven to surround the triangles of handmade paper, i have tried to pull in the image of the desert - the beauty of the sand and mountains -- wrapped element extends from these mountain images and from these elements sprout raffia - the raffia is indicative of the desert plants that somehow survive the harsh climate -- all in all a joyous celebration that shows the beauty and tenacity of the desert southwest and the visuals that are inherent there -- i hava added a close up to increase the visual experience for you

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

solo exhibit - studio2gallery

here is a copy of the invite for the studio2gallery exhibit opening this friday september 14th - please attend if you can

Sunday, August 26, 2012


i will be a participant in the 2012 east austin studio tour this year -- i will be exhibiting with studio2gallery in the west room -- the dates are november 10-18 -- i will post gentle reminders as the date approaches

solo exhibit at studio2gallery

i will be having a solo exhibit on september 14- 29th at studio2gallery(2830 e. martin luther king blvd) in austin, texas with the opening reception on september 14th from 6 - 9 p.m. the exhibit is entitled "the charismatics of fiber" -- the exibit is held in the north gallery and i hope to see you there -- i will keep u posted as the date draws -- click on this link for more information -


continuing the quilt series -- made from raffia, rug canvas, metal, chinese amber, sweet gum seeds, carpet warp, and wood - this piece represents the mystical in our lives - among certain tribal peoples the shaman is the person that uses magic to cure illness, fortell the future, and control spiritual forces -- it is the protection that is afforded us

dalia - thers's one in every crowd

this is a piece that i created out of printed fabric, fired clay, metal, sterling silver, carpet warp, and tree fungus -- it represents the fact that among all peoples, there is always a diversity -- someone who sees things differently, who stands out for there independent views -- we all like to think that we are much the same but in reality aren't we all, really one in every crowd?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

solo exhibit in buda

i will be having a solo exhibit at the buda tourism office in buda, texas for the month of september -- the office is located at 880 main street -- please come and view the art as well as spend some time in historic buda -- buda offers a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the hectic life of nearby austin and san antonio and is always an enjoyable place to visit -- hope to see you there

Thursday, August 9, 2012

inspire's on fire gala

this year the inspire's on fire juried art competition/gala/celebration/and fundraising event will be held at the ruble center, 419 e. magnolia, san antonio, texas on september 15th, 2012 -- all proceeds benefit the programs of inspire on fire community art center -- i am lucky to have two pieces on display this year -- please attend, if you can, as it all goes to a good cause -- for further information to this event please go to

Sunday, July 29, 2012

buda fine arts and jazz festival

i will be at the buda fine arts and jazz festival this year on october 20-21st -- it is always an excellent with wonderful art as well as jazz -- more as the date becomes closer -- mark your calendar

Saturday, July 28, 2012

past life detail

as always i like to add detail of the larger work that i do -- please enjoy

past life

cotton cloth embellished with the orient - this piece is composed of square pillows that form a barrier to guard oblong pillows -all these pillows nestle within raffia-- between the pillows lies another barrier of woven carpet warp to add another sense of dimension -- this piece represents the knowledge that is passed to us all by way of other lifes from the past

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

detail of red sky at night

i have posted a detail of red sky at night -- scroll down to see the entire piece --

red sky at night

currently a new piece in my ongoing series exploring the idea of "quilts" beyond the normal expectation -- this piece is entitled - red sky at night - it is composed of rug canvas to which i have applied knotted carpet warp to form squares that enclose handsewn fabric pillows - the name comes from the old sailor addage - red sky at night , sailors delight -- i have tried to create a piece that reflects the wonder of the colorful sunsets that one sometimes can view as one looks to the west over great bodies of water

austin fiber artists exhibition

fiber: beyond your grandmother's quilt --the austin fiber artists juried exhibition will be held this year at the ross gallery in fayetteville, texas from august 1-23rd with the opening reception taking place on august 4th from 5-7 pm-- i am honored to have had three pieces accepted into the show -this exhibit is always interesting and provocative -- please attend if at all possible- i hope to see you there-

Monday, June 25, 2012

seed quilt detail

i have added a detail picture for those of you who would like a closer look

quilt series

i am working on a quilt series that explores the uses of the materials around us to create quilt-like structures -- seed quilt is number one in the series - it is constructed of rug canvas as a supporting structure - squares consisting of carpet warp are then knotted to provide the infrastructure to house the seed elements -- jute wrapped with carpet warp pierces the inner fabrication of the seeds to erupt from the center - woven squares of carpet warp finish off the quilt by adding an additional pattern

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

workshop in san antonio

i will be teaching a workshop in san antonio, texas at the southwest school of art for the fiber artists of san antonio on june 30 - july 1st -- i will be teaching the art of handmade paper (as a sculptural medium) as well as the techniques of wrapping, knotting and simple weaving - the students will utilize what they are taught and in doing so will create a personalized work of art that will be shadowboxed in order to show it off to its best advantage -- i look forward to seeing what they discover about using these techniques to delve further into their creative process

Thursday, June 14, 2012


wood, corrugated tin, rubber washers, and reed all come together to create this piece - our core of strength that enforces our beliefs and holds them to be our lifeline to the mysteries of life


mask is composed of bone, horsehair,metal wire, found metal object, carpet warp,reed, metal beads and rhinestones -- indicative of the ability to change what we are or who we appear to be simply by covering our true self with a facade -- an escape from our own reality

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


this piece measures at 22 in x 30 in x 2 in -- it is composed of strips of 2.5 in hardware cloth that has been knotted together with carpet warp in an accordian fashion and then woven with cotton thread, alternately painted to achieve a striped effect -- painted reed has then been inserted through the peaks and stretches from side to side ending in an arch, both up and down -- representative of the bloodlines that intersect thought all cultures, strengthening and infusing new life -- each addition contributing new outlooks while preserving the integrity of the original source

ability to translate

i have added the ability to translate my blog into other languages -- under my profile you will find a button reading "TRANSLATE" -- click on this button and choose the language you wish to translate to -- for those of you in the 78 current countries that read my blog i hope that this makes it easier for you as i appreciate your interest -- i thank you and hope to hear from you

Monday, May 28, 2012

weight of the soul

weight of the soul is a piece made of handmade paper that has been dyed, formed and sundried - these oblong pieces have been strung on sisal that extend above to attach to two metal rings that act as the anchor of the piece -- the sisal is wrapped with cotton rope as it descends, eventually branching from the sisal to join and in itself joined by being wrapped with carpet warp -- all ending in supporting a 3 lb weight that acts as the center of the piece -- adding the weight of the soul to balance the art -- the piece measures 4 ft x 5ft x 3in

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

port aransas artfest

this weekend - may 19 and 20 - i will be in port aransas for the artfest -- the hours are from 10-5 pm on both saturday and sunday at robert's point park -- port aransas (texas) is a beatiful little enclave near corpus christi and is always enjoyable -- not to mention the wonderful beaches -- so, stop and take a break to visit -- browse the artfest, go to the beach and enjoys all that the coast has to offer -- hope to see you there

Thursday, May 3, 2012

sea willow

sea willow is my abstract of the plant life that exists within the sea -- using blues and greens i have attempted to depict the colors of the ocean -- dyed willow, wrapped in handmade paper extend upward to the light from the sea bed -- the metal feet supporting the structure mirror the movement of the waves as they gently rock the plant life to and fro -- providing a habitat for the animal life to breed and live, thus ensuring a new generation

Monday, April 30, 2012

fayetteville artwalk

this weekend is the fayetteville artwalk in beautiful fayetteville, texas -- it is by far one of the best art shows around and if you haven't been, then you don't know what your missing -- the art is spectacular and i always find something that needs to be in my home -- the event takes place on saturday, may 5th and sunday, may 6th -- i have a booth there so i hope that all the art lovers will try to attend and see what art is available to enrich your life -- every year i see old friends and make new friends -- there is a camraderie that i find at no other event -- please if you can, plan to attend -- this event helps support the appreciation of art in rural texas - so do your part to support the arts-- thank you

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sunset valley artfest

the sunset valley artfest is this weekend - april 28th - it runs from 9.00 - 3.00 and is located at the tony burger center next to the farmer's market -- they have added kids activities this year as well as the live music again this year -- one of my favorites - brave combo will be taking the stage at noon, so be sure to be there -- i hopr to see you, as the event is always a lot of fun and above all it is family friendly

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


bamboo, horsehair, copper wire, metal beads and wire, turquoise beads, carpet warp, metal jackets housing rhinestones -- all treasure is different for all people -- for some it is accumulated wealth - for some it is that which is regarded as precious -for some it is something to put away for future use - and others is it something that is greatly valued -- which is the treasure you seek?

kingdom of the sun

hardware cloth knotted with carp warp, reed, copper wire, flat glass bead, and chinese amber come together to create patterns and mental images - each image invoking half-forgotten thoughts and memories that lay hiddden deep in our phyche - all combining to guide you to the kingdom of the sun

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


a vessel created in reverence - a thing of beauty and meant to provide protection - this is a side view, the following post is an upper view so you can get more of an idea of how it is made and the materials used

ark - upper view

ark - the vessel that is fabricated to house and protect - it is built from dyed handmade paper, reed, jute, hemp cord, and eucalyptus leaves resting on a metal base - i have provided this upper view for a different perspective

the golden mean

the golden mean -- it is the harmony of prefect balance - that which we strive to achieve - the path is before us and lighted to show the way -- structured from hardware cloth that has been woven and knotted with carpet warp - bamboo, reed, wooden beads, copper wire and chinese amber are the remaining elements

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


continuing the journey -- a companion piece to "mystique" - both expressing individuality, yet sharing a common bond that eternally binds them - that of character and spirit - fashioned from gourds, jute, carpet warp, metal caps, glass beads, rubber washers, and brads


abstract interpretation on the egyptian headdress - an image of respect and reverence in a world of time past - made from dyed handmade paper, bamboo, beaten metal, and brad --

Thursday, March 29, 2012

creative spirit

celebrating the creative spirit in all of us - fashioned from wood inset with brass, horsehair, bone, copper wire, and chinese amber - allowing us to see the hidden beauties that are inherent in all things- we need but open our eyes to discover all that nature and our surroundings have for us to experience - to share all of the knowledge and practical wisdom gained


a simple piece made of handturned wooden bowls, reed wrapped with carpet warp, and chinese amber - it is the channel of grace - that which we regard with reverence


an homage to the art of tease - burlesque is created from seed beads strung and oversewn with sequins - showcased in a structure of bamboo and wire enhanced with bone, glass beads, and carpet warp - it is the celebration of parody and caricature, the art of striptease and bawdy comedy - all in all theatrical entertainment at is most imaginative -- welcome to burlesque

rising moons

rising moons is constructed of capiz shell, dyed handmade paper, blue copper wire, and glass beads -- the slow rising of the blue moon, dancing on the horizon , casting its faint glow on those below


i will be teaching a workshop for the austin fiber artists association on april 21st and 22nd - we will be exploring handmade paper making as well as wrapping and knotting techniques -- i will also be teaching the same workshop in san antonio, texas for the fiber artist of san antonio on june 31 and july 1, at the southwest school of art if you are a fiber artist and are interested please contact either the fiber artists of austin or the fiber artist of san antonio at or

upcoming events

i have applied to participate in the 7th annual artfest in port aransas, texas -- the festival is held on may 19th and 20th -- hope to see you there

also i will be at the fayetteville artwalk in fayetteville, texas -- this is one of my favorites, as the quality of art is spectacular - i always find something i want - it is held may 5th and 6th

and don't forget to attend the sunset valley art fair held on april 28 in sunset valley (off hwy 290 toward the "y" in austin, texas -- this is always a fun event -- i was not able to attend last year but look forward to this year


an abstract vision - a beetle fashioned from bark, hardware cloth, carpet warp, bamboo and reed