Thursday, March 29, 2012

creative spirit

celebrating the creative spirit in all of us - fashioned from wood inset with brass, horsehair, bone, copper wire, and chinese amber - allowing us to see the hidden beauties that are inherent in all things- we need but open our eyes to discover all that nature and our surroundings have for us to experience - to share all of the knowledge and practical wisdom gained


a simple piece made of handturned wooden bowls, reed wrapped with carpet warp, and chinese amber - it is the channel of grace - that which we regard with reverence


an homage to the art of tease - burlesque is created from seed beads strung and oversewn with sequins - showcased in a structure of bamboo and wire enhanced with bone, glass beads, and carpet warp - it is the celebration of parody and caricature, the art of striptease and bawdy comedy - all in all theatrical entertainment at is most imaginative -- welcome to burlesque

rising moons

rising moons is constructed of capiz shell, dyed handmade paper, blue copper wire, and glass beads -- the slow rising of the blue moon, dancing on the horizon , casting its faint glow on those below


i will be teaching a workshop for the austin fiber artists association on april 21st and 22nd - we will be exploring handmade paper making as well as wrapping and knotting techniques -- i will also be teaching the same workshop in san antonio, texas for the fiber artist of san antonio on june 31 and july 1, at the southwest school of art if you are a fiber artist and are interested please contact either the fiber artists of austin or the fiber artist of san antonio at or

upcoming events

i have applied to participate in the 7th annual artfest in port aransas, texas -- the festival is held on may 19th and 20th -- hope to see you there

also i will be at the fayetteville artwalk in fayetteville, texas -- this is one of my favorites, as the quality of art is spectacular - i always find something i want - it is held may 5th and 6th

and don't forget to attend the sunset valley art fair held on april 28 in sunset valley (off hwy 290 toward the "y" in austin, texas -- this is always a fun event -- i was not able to attend last year but look forward to this year


an abstract vision - a beetle fashioned from bark, hardware cloth, carpet warp, bamboo and reed

Thursday, March 22, 2012


any wanderer -- those people who are not confined, who allow the entire earth to be their home and shelter, and in return respect its needs -- represented by the use of natural fibers - hand knotted carpet warp over an armature made to house the next generation of life, as symbolized by the seed pods -- all held together as a structured community and culture by the bamboo that pierces through and secures the bloodlines of hope - each bamboo skewer is then capped by a silver bead cap to show that wealth is of the spirit and is always at hand


this piece is made from barnacle shells, jute wrapped with carpet warp, silver bead caps, horsehair, and purple glass beads - it is that which attaches and lives its life below the surface edge of the water feeding on a rich diet and ever increasing its habitat -- its delicacy not betraying its strength


seeds pods all forming a husk of their former purpose - the remains of a fruitful spring and summer that leads to the rebirth during the spring months

year of the dragon

it is a dragon fashioned from bone, porcupine quills, carpet warp, metal caps, and blue glass beads -- it is the year of the dragon in chinese astrology and in the year 2012 it is represented by the water dragon and water calms the dragon allowing them to see things from a different point of view - take a moment to celebrate this occasion and take a new view of the things around you

Saturday, March 17, 2012

forbidden fruit

a simple piece constructed of seed pod, stylized leaves made from acrylic, green copper wire -- the fruit of knowledge and understanding -


wood, bamboo, reed, horsehair, copper wire, and chinese amber are the elements that make up "idol" -- an image representing a diety and worshipped as such

lord of the underworld

the world of darkness that lives beneath the brightness of the world of which we inhabit - and the power that controls its existance -- made from wood, metal rings, found metal objects, horsehair, blue glass, red glass beads, turquiose bead, and carved soapstone


cenobites foster a common quiet, they are a botherhood of communal life casting their shadows far into time and space - leaving no clear borderline between the past, which feeds on the present, and the future, which is neither inexhaustible or incessant -- cenobite is constructed of rusted metal, handmade paper, jute, wood, copper wire, chinese amber, carved soapstone, and essence of patchouli -- all elements working together yet maintaining their separate identities

Friday, March 16, 2012


an image from africa -- i was inspired by the culture of somalia to create this this fetish - composed of found rusted metal and rusted spring, bone, jute, abalone shell, wood, carpet warp, and blue pearl beads -- it is an object regarded as having magical power -- perhaps the power to end the strife and troubles in somalia


dried eucalyptus leaves, wood, and found metal objects come together to create a confessional -- a place of solace in which your deepest thoughts can be heard - and a place in which one often finds absolution for those transgressions


alembic is made from metal found object, carpet warp, wood, metal ring, curler and hair ties -- an interpretation of an alembic - a hollow tube used for holding or transporting liquid from one place to another


composed of ceramic tile, handmde paper, shredded screen, wood, and metal - an homage to the movement of cubism in which objects are marked by the reduction of natural forms to their geometric equivalents

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9 monkeys

9 monkeys was made especially for a friend of mine - i used 9 monkey beads, wood blocks, hematite beads, and reed -- representing the joy that can be found in life - more so than a barrel of monkeys, these monkeys are loose and ready to play


ceremonial is composed of bfk rives, reed, handmade paper, brads, and wool roving --
it is a ritualistic study of those customs or traditions that form the basis of our many beliefs - those beliefs that comfort us, and allow us to see beyond the present

theory of magic

cast metal, porcupine quill, metal bead, spring, turquiose bead, carpet warp, clay bead, and painted metal -- the mystery of conjuring - often aided by a wand imbued with the power to reach into the astral plane, to interact with the spirits that grant us the impossible - a scepter to the unknown


a tradition of celebration - a time to enjoy and to party - to share good fortune with those around you - an explosion of color and joy that is barely contained - made from carpet warp, colored brads, bfk rives, carpet backing, and colored pencil --come and join the party


since our world seems to be obessed with gadgetry, i created this piece to reflect that issue - made from wood, copper wire, metal brads, hematite beads, screen , watch parts, blue glass beads, and enameled metal --

Monday, March 12, 2012


inspired by the silent film of the same name - made from wood, metal clasps, bone, wire, bamboo, glass beads, metal beads, and bent reed -- the struggle between individuality and industrialization - it is how society will always be influenced by nature and how nature will always defeat the mechanical world


made of handmade paper -- a study in simplicity


handmade paper, bamboo, carpet warp, and copper wire -- the balance and symmetry of asia - harmony in design


wood, bamboo, metal, and wire -- indicative of those things we envision and create from our minds to represent a higher power -- different visions in every culture but always the same in faith

coyote hunter

rusted metal, horse hair, handmade paper, animal teeth, metal rings, and bkf rives all come together to create - coyote hunter -

the offering

created from seed pods and bone -- it is that which we have offered up to the gods to pay homage and ask for protection from those things that we fear or don't understand -- it is the belief that a higher power will gather us together and lead us to be free and accepting of others and the differences that we perceive but are not in actuality real


mystique is a piece that i created by taking a gourd and wrapping cut metal around the side -- the top is capped with metal embellishment and red metal bead- red metal wire wraps around the gourd, capped at one end by a red metal bead and ending its journey with a bead of chinese amber-- the piece represents the character of nature, the spirit and inclination to which nature leads us on our journey through our life, the discovery of something new that is ever present around us and only requires that we open our eyes to see it

a series of new works

i have taken some time off in order to concentrate of some new work, but i am glad to be back -- i will post the work in the following updates - please feel free to comment and let me know what you think -- thanks