Tuesday, May 29, 2012


this piece measures at 22 in x 30 in x 2 in -- it is composed of strips of 2.5 in hardware cloth that has been knotted together with carpet warp in an accordian fashion and then woven with cotton thread, alternately painted to achieve a striped effect -- painted reed has then been inserted through the peaks and stretches from side to side ending in an arch, both up and down -- representative of the bloodlines that intersect thought all cultures, strengthening and infusing new life -- each addition contributing new outlooks while preserving the integrity of the original source

ability to translate

i have added the ability to translate my blog into other languages -- under my profile you will find a button reading "TRANSLATE" -- click on this button and choose the language you wish to translate to -- for those of you in the 78 current countries that read my blog i hope that this makes it easier for you as i appreciate your interest -- i thank you and hope to hear from you

Monday, May 28, 2012

weight of the soul

weight of the soul is a piece made of handmade paper that has been dyed, formed and sundried - these oblong pieces have been strung on sisal that extend above to attach to two metal rings that act as the anchor of the piece -- the sisal is wrapped with cotton rope as it descends, eventually branching from the sisal to join and in itself joined by being wrapped with carpet warp -- all ending in supporting a 3 lb weight that acts as the center of the piece -- adding the weight of the soul to balance the art -- the piece measures 4 ft x 5ft x 3in

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

port aransas artfest

this weekend - may 19 and 20 - i will be in port aransas for the artfest -- the hours are from 10-5 pm on both saturday and sunday at robert's point park -- port aransas (texas) is a beatiful little enclave near corpus christi and is always enjoyable -- not to mention the wonderful beaches -- so, stop and take a break to visit -- browse the artfest, go to the beach and enjoys all that the coast has to offer -- hope to see you there

Thursday, May 3, 2012

sea willow

sea willow is my abstract of the plant life that exists within the sea -- using blues and greens i have attempted to depict the colors of the ocean -- dyed willow, wrapped in handmade paper extend upward to the light from the sea bed -- the metal feet supporting the structure mirror the movement of the waves as they gently rock the plant life to and fro -- providing a habitat for the animal life to breed and live, thus ensuring a new generation