Tuesday, July 26, 2011

forbidden city

composed of wood, reed, bone, metal beads, metal embellishment, and carpet warp --
the balance of design that one often experiences when viewing chinese influenced art - enticing you to look further and promising in doing so you will discover wonders that lie within your reach - no longer behind the walls of a forbidden city


solar - proceeding from the sun - glass floating within a ring of fired clay beads that have been stitched together - with reed extending out and supporting chinese amber as its rays reach out to give life - an exploration and interpretation of the forces that provide us with warmth and growth - in essence life itself


it is the bridge between that which is and that which can be - a simple journey from one side to the other , but often the hardest of things to accomplish - one step and the journey begins - composed of bamboo, carpet warp, hardware cloth, wire, and red glass beads - begin your journey


the spanish word for venom -- it is fashioned from hardware cloth that has been hand knotted with carpet warp - hemp cord tipped with handmade paper reaches out from the central structure - within lies the antidote - sealed within a glass bottle


this piece was created for "artist changing tomorrow"- the organization auctions donated artwork to raise money for funding art programs in rural texas - the auction takes place early next year and can be viewed online--
the piece is shadowboxed and is constructed of hardware cloth that has been knotted with carpet warp - wrapped element extends from the body and is capped with handmade paper - wrapped element flows through the center and branches out through the top and sides -- the element branching to the sides culminates in wooden pieces that are enhances by fired clay beads - the element extending through the middle reaches up passing a wooden cap to connect with a bamboo disk embellished with a metal brad, mirroring the wooden piece at the bottom of the structure-
i titled the artwork "scarab" as it is an interpretation of the scarab beetle of ancient egypt

Friday, July 22, 2011


an insignia is a mark of honor - a distiguishing mark that sets one apart --
made of bamboo, carpet warp, wire, glass beads, metal beads, cast and polished metal, and turquoise bead

the secret of life

wooden bowl, carpet warp, sterling silver, metal, glass beads, seed pods, glass vial, and cork -- that which we all search for - often right in front of our eyes and just as often still not seen - it is important to see all that is around you

things to come

composed of cardboard, cloth, hardware cloth, metal, pieces of domino, watch face, and found object-
time and the things to come are often illusionary -- industrialization may outlast us

zen garden

i have just finished a sculpture that i am very proud of -- zen garden --
it consists of a wooden base supporting an armature of hardware cloth that has been overknotted with carpet warp --the floor of the armature is covered in polished stone -- from to roof of the structure are a series of paper extentions that hang suspended and culminating in the skins of a garlic bloom --
to me it explores that place inside of all of us that revives our soul and infuses peace and calm into our lives --