Thursday, June 16, 2011

nubian male

a further exploration of africa and its mystique -- the male figure to accompany his mate --comprised of seed pod, carved wooden beads, metal beads, metal, blue glass beads, turquoise beads, and enameled metal

nubian female

an homage to the grandeur of the african nation --nubian female represents those rulers of great tribes that enchanted us at the turn of the century and inspired the adventure stories of lost civilizations -- i have created this from seed pods, metal rods, metal disks, carved wood beads, elliptical wood pieces, and yellow glass beads


inspired by the structures that the wasps build around my house- hive is fashioned from mata paper, lotus seed pod, and turquoise beads, and vinyl disk

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

austin fiber artists - united in textile

i will be showing three pieces of work at the julia c. butridge gallery (the dougherty art center)at 1110 barton springs road, austin , texas -- opening reception august 4th -- this is a group show of the austin fiber artists -- please come and enjoy the art - the show runs from august 4th - 27th

old bakery and emporium gallery

my next exhibit will be at the old bakery gallery and emporium in austin, texas -- it is located in downtown austin, texas at 1600 congress avenue - the exhibit is july 6th through august 5th, 2011

artmatters gallery opening

i wish to thank all of the people who showed up for the opening reception at the artmatters gallery -- the night was a great success -- if you were unable to make the opening please take the time to visit the gallery as the art is spectacular -- it is located at 2339 gruene lake drive suite b, new braunfels, texas


a safe haven to protect us from the outside world -- a place where one is always welcome and safe -- where one can be at ease with the world -- constructed of cardboard, foam, pellon, carpet warp, reed


a simple structure offering solace to those in need -- made from cardboard, metal, bamboo, turquoise beads, pellon, reed, carpet warp

ray of light

sometimes a ray of light can enlighten our views and show us another way to experience life -- using polished metal, turquoise beads, red glass beads, metal beads, carpet warp, and capiz shell, i have fashioned a looking glass to the soul -- enabling one to allow a ray of light to cleanse and renew our thoughts

jardin (garden)

this piece is composed of cotton cloth, agate, bamboo, copper, reed, and chinese amber -- memories of el jardin (the garden) -- a flurry of movement and growth -- catching the eye with continual movement and promise of things to come

august moon

in the summer, on hot full moon nights you can see the moon slightly obscured by fleeting clouds -- shedding light through the clouds as it casts its tinted blue light to guide us in the dark -- made from handmade paper and rusted metal


ancestrial is composed of metal, wood, chinese amber, and rubber -- representing those ancestrial keepsakes that are discovered lying hidden on the earth -- coming to the surface by accident sometimes, or found in plain sight -- the groundwork to who we are

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

under construction

under construction is a piece that represents how thoughout our lives we are basically "under construction" - always growing and learning about our purpose in todays world -- it is made from embossed paper, reed, rusted metal, and metal brads

accents and elements - grand opening

the opening reception for accents and elements is on june 25, saturday from 5.00 - 7.00 -- located at 5925 burnet road in austin, texas -- as you can see i have added the invitation which lists the artists that have work there -- please support the arts and attend -

Monday, June 6, 2011


this is a jewelry piece that i tried my hand at --made from handmade formed paper, senna seeds, horsehair, jute wrapped with carpet warp, rug backing, bamboo and grommet -- i love the feel of the piece -- nature reaching out to us

ebb tide

another piece that i have woven from pellon -- the pieces are handwoven and then sewn together to create pockets in the fabric- then pieces of hardware cloth are cut, painted, shaped and then woven with yarn with a glass bead sewn onto the point - these pieces are then inserted into the pockets and sewn on by hand -- i have added a detailed pic as well as a full pic for your observation -- it refers to the gentle ebb of the ocean as it gently washes the shore - the woven pieces emulating the waves as they come to shore

art matters

just to let you know -- a new gallery in new braunfels, texas is opening soon --
it will feature art work by myself, daryl colburn, vie dunn-harr, channe felton, john moler, richard orange, rita ross, and tina weitz.
the opening reception is saturday, june 11th from 5 - 8
the gallery is -- artmatters -- located at 2339 gruene lake drive, suite b , new braunfels, texas -- i hope that you can make it as the art ranges from photography, painting, painting, jewelry, and my personal favorite -- fiber