Thursday, September 22, 2011

inspire's on fire gala and fundraiser at the witte museum

the art was amazing -- i had the privelege to win 1st place in 3-d professional -- the winning piece was "cocoon"(you can view it on an earlier post on this blog) -- all of the winning pieces were really spectacular both in the professional and amateur catagories -- congratulations to my fellow winners -- the winning pieces will be displayed at the downtown san antonio public library -- i will post the dates they will be displayed as soon as i recieve notice -- please make a point to go and see them

art on the green

art on the green will be held on october 1st from 10.00 - 5.00 in bastrop, texas--
please come and enjoy the art as well as help bastrop rebuild from the devastating fires that ravaged the county -- many artist are starting to rebuild their lives and this is a great way to lend a hand-- all of the art is hand crafted and beautiful -- don't miss your chance to show support --

Thursday, September 8, 2011


an homage to the world of film -- i have tried to fashion a representation which reflects the way in which we capture images - the ability to form mental images of things never experienced -- made from wood, felt, bamboo, and metal - all waiting for the illumination of light to come to life --

goddess of the sun

created from painted wood wooden spools,carved wooden beads,rubber ring, metal and metal beads --
reflective of the things that we hold in awe -- from finding a higher power in those things around us that are constant and provide us with a primary source of wonder

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

study in white

woven pellon stitched together to form a backing - through the pockets formed by the weaving, pieces of pellon were inserted and folded to form a triangular form and stitched together -- thus giving the piece a 3 dimensional form while still maintaining the purity of the thought -- this piece will be at the inpire's on fire emerging artists juried exhibition and gala held the witte museum in san antonio, texas friday september 16th , 2011

commissioned piece

this piece was commissioned for a client -- it is woven pellon, painted wood, red wire, chinese amber, and bamboo and red glass beads -- it was made to invoke visions of the orient


this is a piece that i have created that is made from woven pellon that has been sewn together to provide a backdrop for the wrapped elements that form an intricate pattern much like the carved stone windows found throught the middle east-- the wrapped element extends from either side of the woven strips to join together as one and end capped with a wooden spool -- it is the window to the hidden world of the seraglio or harem in the sultan's palace - i have included a detail as well as a full view

Friday, September 2, 2011


made of handmade paper, reed, and carpet warp -- it is composed of 3 triangles of 2 feet each that hang inches above each other-- as if weighless

art matters gallery

if you haven't had the chance to visit art matters gallery in new braunfels, texas then you should definately make arrangemaent to go -- the art is wonderful --
it is located at 2339 gruene lake drive, suite b, in new braunfels , texas

art guild of rural texas

the "united in textiles " exhibit that was co-ordinated by the austin fiber artist has been invited to continue its show at the rural arts guild of texas in fayetteville, texas -- the exhibit will be up from september 26th - october 15th with the opening reception taking place on october 8th -- if you didn't get a chance to see the exhibit in austin then here is your chance to experiance a wonderful and diverse showing of what fiber art can achieve -- please attend if at all possible


this is a piece that i entitled "stamen" - it is an interpretation of the pollen bearing organ of a flower -- composed of a granite base,with a tower arising from the base made of hardware cloth that has been knotted with a carpet warp design - over that hemp cord has been knotted and tipped with handmade paper -- wrapped element extends from the sides and end with the paper from a garlic bloom thus creating the illusion of both male and female organs to ensure pollination -- it is topped with a dried seed pod embellished with glass bead - i am including both a full view as well as a detail for your viewing pleasure

inspire's on fire

i have been blessed to have 2 pieces accepted into this exhibition -- inspire's on fire - emerging artists juried exhibition and gala - to be held at the witte museum -
located at 3801 broadway in san antonio, texas -
the event is to held on friday september 16th, 2011 from 7.00 - 10.30 pm
for further information please check out the information at http:/