Friday, November 4, 2011

east austin studio tour

it is one week from the kick-off of the east austin studio tour -- i will be showing with a group of exceptional artists at studio2gallery -- this is the studio of very gifted photographer tina weitz - it is located at 2832 east martin luther king blvd -
the opening reception is november 12th from 6 - 8 and open to the public --
e.a.s.t. hours for studio2gallery will be --
nov. 12 - 13th : 11 am - 6 pm
nov. 16 - 18th : 12 pm - 5 pm
nov. 19 - 20th : 11 am - 6 pm
please be sure to attend and check out all of the fabulous art on display and for sale - remember the gift of art for the holidays shows that you have thought about and chosen specifically for that special person --


the marine crustacean that attaches itself to floating timber and the bottom of boats - made from barnacles, and jute wrapped with carpet warp


the joining of nuclei in a reaction to form heavier nuclei -- made from wood, bamboo, handmade paper, metal, and tinted copper wire

tree of life

tree of life is a study of nature and all that it promises - the growth from a seed that roots and grows, protecting itself with barbs and recreating from its own seeds,it teaches us that nature will always be part of our world and will always adapt to survive -- from jute wrapped with carpet warp, glass beads, seed pods, porcupine quills, embossed metal, metal cutout, wood, and hemp


emblematic of the south sea adventurers that traveled great distances to explore distant reaches -- formed to resemble a sailing vessel decorated to honor their beliefs and shadowed by the rising moon these couragious people set forth into the unknown -- made from handmade paper, reed, metal, embossed metal, and bone and brad


constructed from handmade paper, metal beads, hemp cord, glass beads, copper, wood, and chinese amber -- it is the exuberance of celebration - the unabandoned joy and excitement we feel when we experiance great personal satisfaction

god of mischief

in norse mythology, there is a god of mischief - loki - this piece is fashioned from embossed metal, metal beads, glass beads, tinted copper, and wood -- symbolizing the strength of belief that good and evil are always present