Monday, April 30, 2012

fayetteville artwalk

this weekend is the fayetteville artwalk in beautiful fayetteville, texas -- it is by far one of the best art shows around and if you haven't been, then you don't know what your missing -- the art is spectacular and i always find something that needs to be in my home -- the event takes place on saturday, may 5th and sunday, may 6th -- i have a booth there so i hope that all the art lovers will try to attend and see what art is available to enrich your life -- every year i see old friends and make new friends -- there is a camraderie that i find at no other event -- please if you can, plan to attend -- this event helps support the appreciation of art in rural texas - so do your part to support the arts-- thank you

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Robin Arthur said...

Hi there! I'm a painter who just moved to La Grange and am thinking of exhibiting at this show. Looks fun! I'm a leeeeeetle bit wary of plunking down close to $300. Any feedback on the show would be appreciated. Also, there are several options for tents: inside a fire house, outside around the square, tent only, tent with walls...... I have a tent but no walls, so I'm leaning toward having them set up a tent and walls for me. What to do?? Any advice or input would be appreciated. You can see my art at or (under construction). Thanks!