Sunday, April 17, 2011


the following pics are of a piece i created entitled "blink" -- constructed of woven pellon that has been stitched together to hold form -- vertical and horizontal cuts have then been made into the woven piece -- i have sewn glass beads into acorn tops and then sewn them inside the fabric openings - chinese amber has been sewn into the border cuts -- my interpretation of the mind's eye -- gathering information from every direction

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liniecat said...

Amazing to see how your weaving and using pellon. Do you use the pellon plus with its adheisive side or pellon au naturelle!
Very clever technique, love Amoeba especially!
I once went to San Antonio, had a great meal in a locals cafe and dragged my crew to see the monastery. Half of them were hung over so the history lesson was lost on them but I would have loved to have stayed longer and seen more. Alas I no longer fly for a living and am wayyyy over here in Uk, but lovely to find your blog and see your great work!